How to: Getting Motivated; Staying Motivated

I’ll challenge some of the limiting beliefs and mindsets that prevent us from seeing the kind of success we’re striving towards, especially in the bigger picture of your fitness goals.



Before diving into the essence of motivation, it’s important to address the crux behind all of it: mindset. Developing the right mindset and outlook can be the difference between conquering your day or having the simplest of tasks seem difficult.

As the popular saying goes, whether you think you can or you can’t, it’s true. In this regard, that might mean having time for your workouts. Taking the time to prep and cook something healthy. Or taking your entire regimen to the next level.

Without a proper mindset, motivation will be really difficult to achieve – how can you find the drive to do something if you don’t believe you can do it in the first place? Whether it’s becoming more open-minded as to what you can achieve or simply being more positive with your outlook, this is the first step. Once you get down this big part of the equation, the next part is easy…


Just Take Action

It’s hard to find motivation when you’re not actively pursuing your goals. What’s the secret, then?

Action leads to motivation – which in turn, leads to more action. Mastering the self-feedback loop of action is the best way to feel motivated. Short term, it might be that you workout, and then you feel better for the rest of the day. You may be more energized, sleep better at night, or feel more confident to tackle whatever the day might throw at you. As a result, you feel motivated to continue doing it. Long term, the habit is reinforced even more: you begin to see results. You realize you are making real progress towards your goals, whether that’s how you look, the weight on the scale, or just overall health. 

It’s important to circle back and emphasize that this is a result of doing. Taking action will be the difference between achieving your goals and finding motivation from within to keep going versus trying to seek out motivation from external sources so that you can begin to take action on what you need to do in the first place. By just doing, you have completed the first and most important step for your goals. 

And at this point, it becomes so easy that it just becomes part of your life. At this point, it’s no longer about taking action or finding motivation, since you’re doing both – it comes down to discipline. 


Repeated Action Leads to Discipline

Motivation is not a permanent state; it’s fickle, fleeting, and it can come and go at any time. Some days, you’ll be able to climb over the biggest mountains in your life while other days, you may struggle to find that same drive.

That’s the inherent problem with relying too much on motivation as a source of your ability to get things done. If you need to be motivated to cook that healthy meal, make it out to the gym, or get to sleep on time, inevitably there will be times where you slip and fall off (and being honest, that’ll still happen every so often no matter how much you get this down). 

But, that’s where discipline comes into play. Taking repeated action towards your goal will eventually develop a habit and a routine. After you’ve fully embraced a new way of doing things, you’ll become less reliant on motivation and it’ll just be a matter of getting it done – because you’re now disciplined. Taking repeated action towards your goals is the best way to kick the necessity of motivation to the curbside and just get in the mode of getting things done. 


With enough repeated action, the hardest of tasks simply becomes matter-of-fact, and then you can use your motivation towards working on your next goal – and begin to get the snowball of success rolling down the hill.