How Much Weight Should I Be Lifting?

Resistance training in the form of weightlifting and bodyweight exercises has long been established as perhaps the most effective way of building muscle and developing a lean and healthy physique. The difficulty for many of us, when starting an exercise program, is trying to figure out exactly how much weight we should be using on … Read more

Kettlebell Workout

Those of you who’ve spent any amount of time in a gym will no doubt have spotted some funny looking weights lying around. You know the ones with the big round metal balls with arched handles over the top. These guys are called kettlebells, and they could be just what you need to inject new … Read more

Correlation Between Exercise and Work Performance

It’s no secret – exercise has numerous benefits for your overall physical health and well being, such as controlling your weight, reducing the risk of various diseases, and strengthening your bones and muscles. What is often overlooked however, are the mental benefits of exercise. These mental benefits can have a massive impact on your day … Read more

Why You Need More Anaerobic Exercise in Your Fitness Regimen

Anaerobic vs Aerobic Explained In order to fully understand what anaerobic exercise is and how it benefits you, its first important to know about aerobic exercise. Aerobic, by definition, means “living, active, or occurring only in the presence of oxygen”. Let’s take a look at how this applies to exercise. When you workout, there is … Read more

8 Guidelines You Have to Follow for an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation can lead to many long term chronic illnesses like heart disease or arthritis, so it’s key to make sure that you aren’t potentially making matters worse with a poor diet. Below we’ll discuss some of the best foods that may help you avoid inflammation as well as what to avoid. 1. Enjoy a Diet … Read more

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