6 Reasons You Can’t Lose Those Last Five Pounds

Whether you’re about to embark on a new weight loss journey or your current progress has come to a screeching halt, there can be a number of factors holding you back from losing the weight you want to get rid of. You might be following all of the guidelines and staying strict to the rules, but what if the information you have is wrong?

As you go further on your adventure to lose weight, you’ll want to be sure you’re taking the right path – and that the information you have is right. Let’s talk about six of the biggest misconceptions that people can run into when they are trying to lose weight.


Reason #1: You Think You’re Eating Healthy, But You’re Not

One of the biggest reasons that might be holding you back from your weight loss goals is the information that you have. If you think something is healthy or will be beneficial towards your journey, and it ends up being the opposite, then it can definitely hamper your progress that you’re trying to make.

One key example is food or drinks marketed as healthy alternatives. They might be better than their mainstay, such as diet soda vs. regular soda, but they don’t do anything to move you towards your goals. Move towards real, whole foods that stick with your plan, rather than trying to cut back and replace with “less bad” alternatives.


Reason #2: Your Carb Intake is Simply Too High

One of biggest hurdles to overcome for healthy weight loss are carbs. And with carbs, comes sugar. Sugar is hiding in everything from your berries that you put into your smoothie, to processed nut butters, to bananas. And while one can argue that some sugar is worse than others – one thing is for certain, none of it moves you towards your goals – and it’s definitely not beneficial when it comes to losing weight. So then, what are the keys to avoiding sugar when it is found in nearly everything?

Besides the obvious of cutting out snacks, reading labels, and avoiding processed carbs, look towards fruit. Limit your daily smoothie’s fruit to just ¼ cup of berries; and skip the bananas. Try to replace them with more veggies and leafy greens and you’ll be on your way to a lower sugar diet in no time – which can be very beneficial to helping you lose weight.


Reason #3: You’re Adding Muscle and the Scale – Not Mirror – Reflects That Yet

If you’ve been upping your workouts, staying true to your diet, and have been consistent in the bigger picture overall, then don’t fret. One of the best ways to measure your progress is by the action you’ve taken and how consistent you’ve been – because sometimes, the mirror nor the scale tell the entire story.

It’s quite possible that you’ve been adding muscle, which is a good thing! Muscle is more dense and will eventually lead to a leaner appearance, but it might take you some time to get there. Step back from the scale for a few weeks and stay focused on your inputs (such as the food you’re eating, sleep you’re getting, and overall workout progress) to keep your improvement steady.


Reason #4: You Haven’t Tried Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting – an integral part of the leany greeny weight loss program – can do wonders for helping you lose weight. By making this lifestyle choice, you’ll help your body adapt to eating to specific time periods, you’ll help to reduce how hungry you are throughout the day. In addition, your body will enter an increased metabolic state, helping to burn more calories even when you are resting.

For some people, they have to start small and work their way up, and others can jump right into it. Check out the 21-day program to learn more.


Reason #5: You Keep Coming Up with Too Many Excuses

You might be subconsciously coming up with excuses to postpone working out or eating right and you may not even know it. We can be our own biggest enemies when it comes to progress, so be sure you’re not letting small quibbles keep you away from doing what you want to do.

Simple things like “I don’t have time”, “Not sure where to start”, or even not being able to access a gym for a while can create mental roadblocks – but they are just that, roadblocks. Staying on a successful plan is just as much about overcoming these as it is anything else. Having someone to keep you on track, or even just a written out program to follow, can help you overcome these excuses in the moment and help you see the bigger picture.


Reason #6: You Haven’t Tried “Groundwork” – A Sprint-Based Workout

Whether you’re stuck at a plateau, ready to take your workouts to the next level, or just aren’t fully engaging in some form of HIIT, then Ground Work might be for you. Ground Work is the signature Leany Greeny workout, designed to push you in almost any setting.

Ground Work can be done whether you’re outside, on a bike, treadmill, or even a rowing machine. Minimal equipment is needed as the core premise of the workout remains the same. HIIT programs like Ground Work are quick and convenient, can increase your metabolism, and can be done with almost no equipment at all. In short, there’s almost no reason you shouldn’t be incorporating it as part of your program!


We Can Often Be Our Own Worst Enemy…

Whether you’re trying to lean up in time for summer or just want to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle, it’s often the little things that can hold us back: simple excuses, stale workouts, and misinformation. Have a look at your overall lifestyle and day-to-day to see if any of these 6 main reasons could be affecting you, and if so, you could be on your way to making easy, real progress with some simple life changes!